how to talk to a smartwatch in text SMS

* Many times we have to send a very useful SMS and it is not possible if we do not have the phone, if you have an android smartwatch at that time it seems very useful to you. Because it will send your text sms through that smartwatch. And so much more than a friend can send SMS with just one watch.

*A smartwatch allows you to use whatsapp, and this text message via whatsapp and you can share many more happy images and share more images and videos. And with a smart watch,  you can make voice call, video calls to whatsapp. Again smart watch lets you run Facebook, and who does not know that with Facebook help everyone connect with their friends very well, and with the help of messenger on Facebook, you can talk to everyone with SMS.

* One important thing is that the message app is installed with smartwatch that allows you to speak well in SMS who are on your contact list. Bellow are the links of the best smart watch for sms you can check now.

                             CLICK HERE FOR BEST SMARTWATCH
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