Stupid sheep and wolf tiger story

Who does not know, wolf tiger can never be a lover's friend. Sheep is a wolf tiger diet. So the sheep know only the wolf there enemies. So when the sheep graze in the field, The dogs protect them from the wolf's hand. The wolf can not wield them.

When this is the situation, there was a bad idea on the wolf's head. what did they do, he sent the news to the sheep. The news said, They do not want to wrestle with the sheep. They want to make friends with the sheep by removing this continuous antagonism. But what is the difficulty, The dog. Even if they want to go to the sheep, that dog came out. Shout will start shouting. So friendship can not be done. And can not be fun. If you leave those dogs, They can easily be happy with the wandering of the sheep.

The sheep were very happy to hear this wolf tiger. Imagine if you woke dogs, if you are friends with wolf tigers, But there is more happiness than that? so, Fools flee from their guard and friend dogs. Wolf went to make friends with the wolf. wolf pigeon of the wolf. They safely began to feed the sheep's neck.

*let's know how the story was about the comments...............................
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