What can a smartwatch do ?.

A smartwatch is a faster and fast workout machine than normal watch that helps in everyday life in people is lives and it has a lot of strange features and many smartwatch that adhere to android and iOS and it is not less than smartphone.

Smartwatch works as a heart rate monitor and lets say a workout routine and a smartwatch that you can run as a smartphone because smartwatch lets you do almost all of the smartphones, there are some features like smartphones - camera, dial call, settings, music player, game, touchscreen, google playstore, recorder & ETC.

Business helps:
                 people nowadays tend to use their phones a lot, for examples checking to your emails, setting up some appointments between meetings and other business matters. keeping a light schedule is easier than ever before. the smartwatches have a high chance for your changing the business industry. some of the features of many models of smartwatches include alerts which notify their owners that a message or email has been received.

your messaging replies:
                 most smartwatches screen range between 38mm and 44mm wide, which is barely  big enough to the comfortably read your notifications on, let alone type put message. it's best to set quick reply that succinctly explains that you have seen A message and will respond later. you can use the default option, you can create something more human, like "hey, saw ur message, reply later" for apple watches.

basic setup:
                If you are setting up android wear device, check to see if the company that made it, like michael kors or huawei or ASUS, has it's own app. these often offer more customizable watch faces, along with tools like ASUS' flashlight and compass. once you have gone through the installation, you will find a vanilla version of the wearable OS with a verity of preloaded apps.choose the background, dials hands and hands that suit your fancy, and add widgests to show things like your daily activity progress, a weather report alert, depending on the OS. after squaring away these basics, you can play with additional tools to make your watch more useful.

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