What did the doctor do in the treatment of an old blind man ?

The one who was old. He could not see his eyes because he was too old. And the blind old man stayed with a girl in the house. Her daughter was very beautiful.

He called one day to treat the doctor and the doctor was the young man. And he told him all his problems open, and the old lady told the doctor to return the eyesight.

Doctor agreed to the old man. To start treatment. Doctor came to the house of the elderly for the treatment every morning. And during treatment, Tiffin did the doctor to give her beautiful daughter. Doctor becomes mad after seeing a beautiful woman in a blind man. After that, the doctor gradually started going next to the beautiful girl. And began to behave badly with him, And if the girl wants to say something to her mother, Doctor threatens her that she will not fix her mother. She can not say anything because of fear.

After seven day's of treatment, the old woman got her eyesight again. Then the old lady cried out to her daughter and hearing this, the water started falling from the eyes of his daughter. When the old woman asked her daughter to cry, she told the truth about her daughter doctor's behavior. Her mother was very sad to hear this.

The next morning when doctor came on the house, the old woman lied to him saying that his eyesight has not yet returned. Then again, doctor started treatment. And as usual, her beautiful daughter brought Tiffin to doctor. After a while, doctor went back to her beautiful daughter and behaved badly. The old man quietly called the police and the police can see the doctor's behavior in his own eyes with the girl. Then the police doctor imprisoned the jail.
  Bad consequences are bad consequences..................
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