"TikTok" ban || What is causing the value of "TikTok" is decreasing? - "thesamir"

 'Causing the value of "TikTok" is decreasing'

(1) Removed play store: There is no such community guideline as YouTube on TikTok, so people here make videos of sexual content and try to breed, so many people make videos that cause TikTok to be removed from the play store. *But "TikTok" was back to doing an anouncement that he would look into his own guideline and remove the bad videos.

(2) Mr. Faisu account delete: Some time ago, a member of Mr. Faisu team 07 a very popular creator created a video for the nation and the video went viral so many people did not like the video and deleted his account from "TikTok" to make a case at the police station.

(3) Same video again: After all this, the tweet went on like this for a few days, deleting many bad videos from their platform, removing the quality, and after a few days, the same videos again started to breed and again videos made for sexual content and many bad videos. "TikTok"goes down a lot in the public eye.

* "TikTok" is going down on its platform for some bad creators who create bad bad videos and reach out to the public, watching videos and publishing are getting "TikTok" down. If the community Guidelines like "TikTok" YouTube were on their own and would never allow bad videos to be filtered out, then "TikTok" would not be down in public view and would stand from on the platform below.
"TikTok" ban || What is causing the value of "TikTok" is decreasing? - "thesamir" "TikTok" ban || What is causing the value of "TikTok" is decreasing? - "thesamir" Reviewed by thesamir on July 25, 2019 Rating: 5


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