How do you make good lighting || studio in home||

How to make studio lighting in home:

Lighting meterial: A cardboard, holder, light, electric wire, glue, White paper, And a stand to create a studio light system i your home. How to use this materials is very carefully written below.     


A cardboard use: First you have to collect a cardboard from the market or your home and then cut it into four pieces with cardboard. After cutting the cardboard, you need to make 4 pieces to see if the 4 pieces of card are evenly matched and then place it on the side.

Holder use: Then you will need a holder, then place the 4 pieces board pliers on the top, and then make a hole in the middle and fit the holder through the hole.

Light use: Now you will need a ligth and then the four piece cardboard to set the light in the holder that fits the holder. Then put the fittings on the side to make it better.

Electric wire use: Then you need to arrange an 8 to 10 meter electric wire, and the electric wire must be properly connect to the holder and an electric wire must be set to switch the lights on or off.

Stand use: Then you have to secure a stand and pull the electric wire through the empty space so that the road of the stand is inward. Then insert the switch of that electric wire into an electric board and switch if you burn it.

White paper use: After everything is set up and the four pieces of cardboard that he wore have to be glued to a white thin paper, glue it so that the light of the bulb is ot visible. And so that only the focus of the lights falls on the face.

** This way you can easily set up a home set up studio lighting in your home.
**And with this lighting set up you can easily shoot YouTube videos or anything else your home.

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