Make Phone record videos background blur like DSLR easily

Phone record videos background blur:

Whatever it takes:

To record video like DSLR from mobile, you will need a Kinemaster application whose link I will give below where you can download it better.

How to use: 

After downloading the kinemaster application, you will need to record your own video on the green screen from your phone and add the recorded video to Kinemaster and edit it to make the background of the video blur like DSLR.

How to edit:

(1) First you have to open the Kinemaster application, then click on the plus icon and select empty project, then your edit page will be open and click on the media to select an image and the image will be the background of your video.

(2) Then you need to add add the video recorded on the green screen to your phone, click on the media, and select the file contains the green screen video.

(3) After adding the green screen video, you have to adjust the chroma key option by going down the side and then the green screen video background has been removed and the previous image has become the background of your video.

Background blur;

Then you have to click on the layer and go to the effect option, There are two options. You have to choose the first option and you will see that your body is also blurred. there are 3 dot option on tyhe left side, click on the send to back option and then you will see that the blur video in your body has gone to background.

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