Make WhatsApp Status free for android.

Make whatsApp status:

To create whatsApp status you will need a Kinemaster application on your phone. In this way you can create many WhatsApp status. I will give below link to Kinemaster application. you can download from here.

After downloading the application you have to open it an after opening you will see there options for creating WhatsApp status: a normal WhatsApp status and full screen WhatsApp status and a half screen WhatsApp status. There are four images select in the media.

After selecting the four images, you have to select a song where you want to create WhatsApp status by going to the audio option and choosing the file that you have your music in your mind.

Then you have to play the song once and paused the word where the word is called, you have to text, go to the text option and type the word that was called in the song and do it and stop it from where the song word starts.

In this way, a line of the song starts from where you have to type and save the line by typing it, and cutting it to the end where the line  of the song ends and you have to try to match it. Whether your text will line up with that song line.

As you want to make the status of the minutes song , make a line by line of the minutes song by typing into the text option and match it well in the words of the line and repeat the song to see if your text matches the song or cut it if the text is small or large. Take the match, big or small.

By following these tips you can easily create WhatsApp status on your phone and after creating WhatsApp status you have to click on share button and save in your gallery by clicking on export option.
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