Best WhatsApp Trick in 2019 | What is Airplane Mode on Yo WhatsApp?

How To Use Airplane Mode For Yo WhatsApp: 

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Airplane Mode
If you want to know about Yo WhatsApp's new updated airplane mode, please read this article in full. In this, I will explain how to use Airplane mode in WhatsApp.

First of all you need to download Yo WhatsApp, if you have any, do not download and if you do not have Yo WhatsApp then you can download Yo WhatsApp easily from there.

Download Yo whatsApp

After downloading WhatsApp, install it on your phone and open a WhatsApp  account with a number. WhatsApp open and see the airplane's mark above. What is the role of airplane mode in WhatsApp? Now we will know step-by-step.

The advatages of airplan mode:

                    1) If you are doing any work online on your phone, you can turn on Airplane mode when someone is disturbed by SMS then you can work with your mind well.

                   (2) After enabling WhatsApp's airplane mode, if you are online and no one sends an SMS, your WhatsApp will not receive an SMS.

                  (3) Whenever you turn off the Airplane mode of your WhatsApp, all the SMS will come in immediately and your WhatsApp.

                  (4) WhatsApp's Airplane mode keeps you offline, even when you send an SMS offline, when you are online.    

Other Features:

There are many other good features in Yo WhatsApp that I will explain below.
change your whatsapp home screen
Home screen
                (1) WhatsApp homescreen allows you to put your own pictures and it looks great.
                (2) There are so many themes available on WhatsApp where you can put a theme you like in your mind and it looks very unique.
                (3) Even if someone blocks you from your WhatsApp, you can check the last seen with this WhatsApp.

               (4) If someone SMS you delete for everyone SMS and you can see through this WhatsApp.

               (5) If you put the status on your WhatsApp and delete it for some reason, then delete that WhatsApp status and you can see by this WhatsApp.

               (6) If you have a personal chat with someone and you do not want to show the chat to anyone, you can lock only one chat with this WhatsApp.

               (7) Also if you don't like this WhatsApp theme, you can change all the colors in the settings and customize WhatsApp as you like.

              (8) If you don't like the WhatsApp icon then this WhatsApp allows you to change WhatsApp icons from the setting and there many different types of icons available.

              (9) If you want to lock in the WhatsApp app,  you can put pattern or PIN lock in the lock system.

             (10) WhatsApp is marked on the top left side of the normal WhatsApp, but there you can put your name by this Yo WhatsApp
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