How to make money from blogging in 2019 (Full guideness)

Make money from blogging:

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Make money

There is no time to earn money from blogging when you can blogging and you can easily earn money from your blog only you can should have tallent good quality post so that Audience helps and Audience likes your article and your article is very quick after going viral you can have a very good income from blogging.

How to start a blog: 

An email I'D is only required to start the blog. Then when you create an account on Blogger you will be given a sub-domain from blogger named 

 You can post blogger blogs from this to get started then when your blog becomes viral when it becomes popularized or you can buy high level domain name from Godady or any other website like .com or .in. 

Create important pages: 

Then create some pages of your website such as About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer Creating it google will require that you have original content on your website.

It is very easy to create these pages, write something about yourself in About Us and provide an email I'D for the contact in Contact Us and you can create a privacy policy from the Privacy Policy Generator website or create a Disclaimer from the Disclaimer Generator website very easily. 
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Ad units

Adsense Approval:

When all the pages have been created, 15-20 original content posts will be written. Another good responsive theme is to put on your website. Then once all is done, you will send a Request for Adsense approve. 

If your website is all right then Adsense will give you a week. Then you can earn money by putting Ad on your website very easily. 

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