The features of the WhatsApp group should be known to every user

WhatsApp group new features:

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WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group can be annoying but this is one of the most popular features within the instant messaging app. WhatsApp features are not limited to just one conversation, but one for group chat.

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has been rolling out new features to make group chats more interactive.

These features are available to all WhatsApp users on Android and iOS. WhatsApp makes it easier to prevent people from joining a group while giving administrators more control. Here is a list of WhatsApp features each group user should know.

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WhatsApp group

Group video calling:

WhatsApp has added a shortcut for users to easily group calls. This group call icon is visible in the upper right corner of the chat.

Once users tap on it, they can select the members they want to include in the call. WhatsApp allows 4 members for a group video call.

Group Administrator dismissal:

WhatsApp groups can have multiple admins. Each administrator also has the ability to revoke other administrators. This can be found in the Settings menu for groups where administrator can move their members from their locations to other members.

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Group control for group administrator:

Group administrator also have control over the withdrawal of status from others. WhatsApp group administrators can decide whether messages will be sent to all participants or only to group administrators. Only the group administrator or all participants can decide whether to change the group description.

Group invitation:

Group chats are fun but they can also be very annoying. Take this on WhatsApp's group invitation feature.

Users may be prevented from joining other WhatsApp groups. This can be done by changing the privacy setting for groups in Everyone or My Contacts; Users who do not like someone will be sent an invitation to join WhatsApp group. 

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