WhatsApp's latest features are here all user | How can use this features

WhatsApp's latest features:

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WhatsApp has moved away from the best features for Android and iOS users over the past few months.

Some features are exclusive to WhatsApp beta which anyone can you join on both Android and iOS all platforms. Here is the latest WhatsApp feature available.

WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story:

Who can post WhatsApp 'Status' updates can now direct share them Facebook Stories. Just share WhatsApp Status, and then option to 'Share to Facobook Story', will appear. Doing this shows your WhatsApp status as your Facebook story.

Consecutive voice messages:

WhatsApp recently updated voice messages with continuous play. Now, users should not play each voice message individually. If a user receives more than one voice message, WhatsApp will play these files periodically.
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Frequently forwarded messages:

WhatsApp's frequenlty forwarded tool helps prevent spam messages from spreading within the app. This tag will inform the users of messages that have been forwarded more than five times. Frequently forwarded messages indicate that this is probably spam.

Fingerprint unlock in WhatsApp:

Fingerprint unlock in the WhatsApp is available for the Android user and the iOS users. These features allow fingerprints or Facelock on iPhones users. If fingerprint unlock is enabled, WhatsApp allows users to hide content from notifications.

Group invitation:

A nifty privacy feature prevents users from being added to the WhatsApp groups. This feature allows users to choose 'None' if they do not want to be added to whatsApp groups. Those who select 'None' will receive a group invitation request that expires in three days. Three are three' My Contacts' options that allow only contacts to be added to users 'whatsApp groups. The option set bt default is 'Everyone' for the WhatsApp group.

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