How can you avoid whatsapp hacker! Update your Whatsapp quickly

 In this article, let me tell you that there are many hackers in the present. And how to prevent this hacker from stealing your phone's data at any time is briefly discussed below.

How to prevent whatsapp hack, Ways To Avoid WhatsApp Hack

Update your WhatsApp:

First of all you have to keep an eye on the update, whenever any new update of WhatsApp arrives, update your smartphone sooner rather than later.
If you haven't updated your smartphone in a while, you can update your smartphone now because security researchers have discovered a critical balance on the social messaging app's platform that allows hackers to gain access to your smartphone's data, which sends you an affected GIF. Photos and your messages.

WhatsApp platform vulnerability arises from a phenomenon called a "double free vulnerability" that can cause an application to crash and allow a hacker to access a user's device in case of a malfunction.

The research, protected by the name Wake Up on GitHub in technical writing, explained that hackers do not have access to a user's device, simply by sending an infected GIF called a smartphone.

The vulnerability is triggered when the user opens the corrupt file. Understandably, if you've got a malicious GIF and you open it for viewing or pass it on to a friend, it'll trigger the hack.

The vulnerability, however, is only on WhatsApp's Android-based platform. Security researchers also wrote, "Exploitation works well until WhatsApp version 2.19.230.In older Android versions, Double Free Cloud is still triggered."

This means that if you have updated WhatsApp on your Android smartphone, you have nothing to worry about. In response In the report, a WhatsApp spokesperson told The Next Web that "it was published last month and addressed quickly. We have no reason to trust any affected users, though of course we are working to provide the latest security features to our users."

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